Keeping Our Customers Safe

Stop. Look. Listen.


Chester Water Authority wants all of our customers to be safe. We offer the following suggestions to protect our customers. When someone knocks on your door and claims to represent Chester Water Authority, please make sure the person really is a CWA employee.

STOP. Safety starts before you open the door.

LOOK. Our field personnel carry CWA identification, wear a blue uniform with the CWA logo, and drive a white CWA vehicle with the CWA logo displayed.

LISTEN. If you have not requested service or received prior notice that we are working in your area, you do not need to admit the individual. We try to give advance notice if we need to visit your home for service.

If you have any doubt or a question about any person who claims to represent Chester Water Authority, you are advised to call our Customer Service Department at 610-876-8181 or 800-793-2323 before letting anyone into your home.

Chester Water Authority is committed to safety for its customers and employees.