Capital Projects

Annual Meter Replacement Program


$850,000: This annual program provides for the systematic change out of the water meters in the system with new water meters that have radio-read technology. This allows the meter readings to be gathered from a moving vehicle, greatly improving the efficiency of our Meter Services Department.


2009 Water Main Rehabilitation

$1,200,000: Rehabilitation of water mains to improve the water quality and fire flow capability of older mains in the system. The 2009 project is focused on an area in Nether Providence Township.


2006-2009 Tainter Gate Rehabilitation

$1,800,000: This project on the CWA Pine Grove Dam is mandated by the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and consists of the rehabilitation of the two Tainter gates on the Octoraro Dam. The Tainter gates allow for the proper control of water flow through the reservoir.


2009-2010 Octoraro Treatment Plant Upgrade - Phase 4

$6,800,000: This project is the fourth phase of the 10-year plan to modernize the Octoraro Treatment Plant. The improvements from this project will allow CWA to more efficiently operate the plant and produce higher quality drinking water.


2006-2009 Transmission Main #2 Replacement

$1,900,000: Replacement of approximately 2,500 feet of 42-inch-diameter transmission main #2 in Lower Oxford Township, Chester County. This section of transmission main has experienced structural deficiencies over the last 30 years. The replacement of this section of main will improve the reliability of the overall water system.


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