The Benefit to Our Customers


Chester Water Authority’s sole purpose is to provide excellent-quality water to over 200,000 people, in both homes and businesses. As a municipal authority, CWA does not have stockholders who require dividends.  That means our rates are – and can remain – lower than those of private utility companies.


Equally important, CWA has a higher percentage of funds to direct into the infrastructure to make capital improvements such as building new storage tanks, revitalizing existing mains and lines, and enhancing the distribution system.


CWA, as your regional water authority, sets goals that are dedicated to meeting the needs of the communities we serve in Delaware and Chester Counties.  Being totally integrated into the region, we transcend county boundaries. Through capital projects and proactive maintenance, CWA invests in our water treatment and distribution infrastructure to deliver quality, service, and value to the community.  CWA is part of your community.  We are your neighbors and friends.